SoundCloud and NBA 2K Select Emerging Artists to be Featured on NBA 2K22 Soundtrack



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SoundCloud and NBA 2K introduced the second set of artists selected for “2K Beats: The Search,” whose tracks will be available in the NBA 2K22 soundtrack starting Friday, July 1st and can be listened to via the playlist on SoundCloud here. The new wave of winning artists includes NYNE, AR-Immortal, Tyler Coolidge, Sammy Stanza, Trey Wavey, DAVEYTHEGREAT, TT(TopTier), Martian, Josh! and MvkeyyJ. “2K Beats: The Search” is a global initiative aimed to discover and amplify the next generation of rising artists.

Winning artist SAMMY STANZA says, “I make music for the kid that feels like they never had a voice and are always living in the shadows, so having my track added to the NBA 2K22 soundtrack to be heard by gamers around the world is a dream come true. I hope my music inspires others to be themselves and express themselves creatively.”

SoundCloud and NBA 2K vetted over 15,000 artists before handpicking 20 winning artists to be featured on the NBA 2K soundtrack. The first set of winners’ tracks were available to listen to beginning May 20 and can be listened to in the NBA 2K22 soundtrack or the playlist on SoundCloud here.  The chosen rising artists’ tracks will be featured alongside new original tracks from today’s hottest artists including  Freddie Gibbs, Megan Thee Stallion, Metro Boomin, Saweetie, Skepta, Smino, and more.


About the artists:


NYNE’s track “Villian” features the Australian-born artist’s punchy vocals over a moody yet contagious beat. NYNE, who channels her emotions and past memories during her creative process, will release her second EP this year.



Based in Queens, New York, AR-Immortal sees himself as a rose that grew from concrete. His music reflects his experiences of pain, love and happiness and reminds him to stay present throughout it all. AR-Immortal’s winning track “OSKI” demonstrates the rapper’s lyrical talent and eloquent flow.


Tyler Coolidge

Residing in San Diego but originally from the Bay Area, Tyler Coolidge takes inspiration from his hometown artists like E-40, The Pack and Too $hort when creating music. The rapper and singer, who’s been putting music out on SoundCloud as early as 2011, showcases his smooth vocals over a hypnotic melody in his track “Slow Burner.”



Hailing from South Florida, SAMMY STANZA sees his creative process as an unlimited opportunity to showcase his thoughts and talents with the world. He creates music for the kids who feel like they’re always in the shadows, hoping to inspire them to express themselves creatively. The rapper’s track “Saints & Sinners” is an ode to self-confidence and self-belief.


Trey Wavey

Nigerian born, South Dublin bred, Trey Wavey is fluent in English, Yoruba and French, and incorporates all three languages into his tracks. Trey is influenced by different styles of music such as soul, R&B, dancehall, punk rock and hip-hop and the winning track “Power To Heal” is an energetic dance track featuring Wavey’s percussive flow.



Based in Baltimore, rapper DAVEYTHEGREAT sees music as his greatest gift. His track “Rebellious Subjects, Enemies of Progress” is comprised of captivating instrumentals and rhythmic beats paired with DAVEYTHEGREAT’s distinct tone.



Consisting of New Jersey rapper SHOWTIME Iggy and singer MC, TT(TopTier) is an experimental hip-hop duo whose music draws upon their personal journeys with identity, self expression and love and loss. Like their track “Step Up,” TT(TopTier)’s work brings energetic, next level music to their listeners.



Australia native Martian draws inspiration for his music from his love for astrophysics, space and the universe on a scientific and spiritual level. The artist’s track “I Know” is produced, mixed and mastered by Martian himself, no different from all of his music released so far. Martian incorporates rock, pop, punk and metal influences into one genre-bending style under the hip-hop umbrella.



21-year-old artist Josh!’s “Dope” is an upbeat, catchy track brought to life through the singer’s captivating flow and clear tone. Based in San Jose, Josh! works to make music that’s never been heard before.



Born in South Los Angeles but raised in Dallas, MvkeyyJ has developed a unique sound that embodies his experiences and environments. From fast-paced 808 hitters to smooth vocally driven tracks, MvkeyyJ flows effortlessly over his tracks with poise and finesse. Winning track “Gimme Dat” is no different, with its hard-hitting beat and lively lyrics.

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